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Shift Work Overview

Treatment: Shift Work

Consult a healthcare professional prior to seeking any treatment for shift work.

There are several forms of treatments available for patients suffering from shift work disorder. Depending on each individual's case, one particular treatment, or a combination of treatments, will prove to be more effective or appropriate than others. The types of treatments can typically be divided into two primary categories, behavioral and medicinal.

Behavioral Treatments
Treatment Details
Consistent Work Shifts Reducing the number of times a worker changes shifts can have a smaller effect on their circadian rhythm.
Changing shifts forward in time By changing shifts forward in time instead of backwards, you avoid losing excess amounts of sleep.
Rest Periods Taking occasional rest periods while working can help the employee maintain higher alertness and performance.
Light Therapy This technique exposes your eyes to an artificial bright light or lamp that simulates sunlight during the time you are supposed to be awake.

Medicinal Treatments
Treatment Details
Melatonin A hormone that can help in regulating the sleep/waking cycle.

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