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Jet Lag Overview

Epidemiology: Jet Lag

Jet lag is an extremely common sleep disorder which affects millions of people every day, nearly all of whom are traveling for both business and pleasure. People who are already suffering from sleep deprivation or insomnia have been shown to be more likely to experience jet lag, and at a higher degree of intensity.

Prevalence Related to Ethnicity

Currently, there are no strong statistics which indicate one ethnicity is at a higher risk of experiencing jet lag than any other.

Prevalence Related to Gender

Currently, there are no strong statistics which indicate that the risk of experiencing jet lag is higher in males or females.

Prevalence Related to Age

All age groups are at risk of experiencing jet lag, however, individuals over the age of 50 are more likely to develop jet lag and have worse symptoms than those under the age of 30. This is because it takes longer for their bodies to recover and adjust than it does young adults.

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