American Association of Managed Care Nurses

“Educating Nurses in Case, Utilization and Quality Management”

Newly Revised Third Edition Textbook from the
American Association of Managed Care Nurses

“A Nurse’s Introduction to Managed Care”

The American Association of Managed Care Nurses (AAMCN) is proud to announce the release of the newly revised second edition textbook entitled “A Nurse’s Introduction to Managed Care.”  As managed care has changed; we need to provide nurses with a better understanding of managed care for the future. 

This practical guide was produced by distinguished nurse executives experienced in managed care who want to share their knowledge and experience with other nurses who must make choices about careers and patients influenced by managed care. 

A Nurse’s Introduction to Managed Care” provides you basic information on:

Chapter One: Managed Care: The Implications
Chapter Two: Paving the Pathway for Managed Care
Chapter Three: Using Information Technology to Support Nursing Practice
Chapter Four: Nursing Implications of Managed Care Contracting
Chapter Five: Managed Care: Consumers Confidence
Chapter Six: Nurses Play a Vital Role in Managed Care
Chapter Seven: Negotiation Skills for Managed Care Nurses
Chapter Eight: A Perspective on Quality in Managed Care
Chapter Nine: 2010 Healthcare Reform
Chapter Ten: The Future of Nursing

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