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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of NAMCP is to improve patient outcomes by providing educational material, evidence-based tools and resources to medical directors from purchasers, plans and provider systems. NAMCP works with medical directors to identify and strategically position our industry to respond to the various opportunities and challenges on the horizon. We support initiatives empowering medical directors with information they need to make healthcare decisions and promote healthcare quality.

Quick Facts

  • The NAMCP was founded in 1991 to serve the interests and needs of medical directors employed by managed care organizations. NAMCP is a non-profit association run by medical directors for medical directors

  • NAMCP is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education to physicians.

  • The Journal of Managed Care Medicine (JMCM) is the official publication of NAMCP. JMCM focuses on trends in managed care. JMCM provides fact-driven research and guidance about issues that affect the delivery of managed care services and integrated patient care. By tracking trends and providing insights, JMCM is the premier journal of peer reviewed articles pertaining to medical directors in managed care medicine.


Membership Benefits and Why You Should Join NAMCP Today

Get more involved in the association and stay fluent in industry trends through NAMCP. NAMCP is the premier source of learning and knowledge for the medical director, and provides resources, education and ideas to give you an invaluable edge in today's healthcare industry. NAMCP offers you information and specialized resources, career and professional development, valuable networking opportunities, leadership opportunities, and more. As a member you will:

  • Meet and network with key medical directors at educational programs and conferences. NAMCP guarantees the highest quality programming for maximum learning and provides a forum for peers to share challenges, exchange ideas, promote knowledge and learning, and offer solutions to individuals with common interests.

  • Discounted pricing on educational programs and publications.

  • Receive a free subscription to the weekly electronic Managed Care eNews. Managed Care eNews is the premier source of news and information for managed care medical directors. We deliver the top news stories via e-mail to over 54,000 managed care professionals nationwide. We deliver the news our readers need to stay successful.

  • Receive a free subscription to the weekly Prevention, Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine eNews.

  • Receive a free subscription to the quarterly peer reviewed Journal of Managed Care Medicine (JMCM).

  • Achieve your career goals and search the career opportunities section on our website. In addition, receive free career counseling and job placement services.

  • Receive invitations to participate in our complimentary webinars.

  • Become a recognized leader in the industry by actively participating in our Medical Director Institutes, writing articles for NAMCP publications and speaking at programs.

  • Exchange solutions to common problems and discuss new ideas to existing challenges with your colleagues within NAMCP’s Institutes including:

    • Medical Directors Health Management Institute. (Prevention & Chronic Illness)

    • Medical Directors Oncology Institute

    • Medical Directors Genomic, Biotech, and Emerging Medical Technologies Institute

    • Medical Directors Research Institute – conducts marketplace research and demonstration projects

  • Gain access to the resources and support you need and build key business relationships - join NAMCP today!

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