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If you cannot fit all of your CEs above, please email the additional credits to Be sure to include all six columns of information for these additional CEs.
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If you are mailing or faxing this application and if postmarked with check or faxed with credit card by January 31 following your credential expiration date, the fee is $55 USD. If sent AFTER January 31 following your credential expiration date, the fee is $80 USD (which includes the late charge).  Mail your completed form and fee to ABMCN, 4435 Waterfront Drive, Ste. 101, Glen Allen, Virginia 23060, (804) 527-1905. If paying by credit card, you may fax (804) 747-5316 or mail your form. If you send your form by fax, DO NOT MAIL the original as this may result in second charge to your credit card. The fee covers review of CE activities submitted for this cycle and services provided to ABMCN during the three-year cycle just completed and is not refundable. ABMCN Tax ID # 54-1905803

I hereby verify the truth of the entries on this Summary of Continuing Education Activities Form. I affirm that I participated in the activities listed and that the number of CE hours represented the actual number of education hours I completed. If the provider obtained prior approval of the activity for CMCN CE, the number of hours listed is the same as that pre –approved by ABMCN.


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