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The NAMCP Foundation

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Glen Allen, Virginia 23060
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The NAMCP Foundation

A 501 c 3 non profit organization, The NAMCP Foundation provides education, tools, resources, and research opportunities to medical directors from purchasers, health plans and provider systems, nurse case managers from plans and provider systems and other healthcare professionals.

The mission of The NAMCP Foundation is

  1. To collaborate, perform, facilitate and foster marketplace research and demonstration projects in the managed health care industry to improve patient outcomes

  2. To provide medical directors, physicians, nurse case managers and other healthcare professionals with information about managed healthcare

  3. To provide persons and businesses with the health care industry, with training and educational resources to improve their performance, effectiveness and efficiency as healthcare providers and managers operating within managed care environments

  4. To improve, consolidate, facilitate and foster communication, education, networking and the flow of information about managed health care within and among persons and organizations comprising the healthcare industry

Activities of Interest

The NAMCP Foundation is interested in activities that support the role of the healthcare delivery team in improving patient outcomes. Some projects include:

Reducing Childhood Obesity

Improving Patient Adherence and Compliance

Identifying methods to improve adherence, compliance and outcomes in chronic disease

Recognizing appropriate guidelines in treating chronic disease

Defining technologies that are helpful in healthcare delivery to improve outcomes

How to Support the Foundation

There are many ways to support The NAMCP Foundation on improving patient outcomes. Together we can make an impact on the health status of all individuals.