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 Health Tools

 Diet & Nutrition

 Smoking Cessation,
Second Hand Smoke

 Clinical Practice Help

 Exercise & Fitness

 Alcohol Abuse

 Heart Health

Nutrition, Fitness, Smoking and
Drug Awareness for Children & Teens

 Environment / Pesticide





Health Tools
Multiple sources and tools for healthy living.
Two minute videos from John McDougall, MD on health and medicine topics.

Be Active Your Way (open accessible version in new window)

Healthy Roads Media
A source of quality health information in many languages and multiple formats.
A Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer from
Podcasts by ACLM member John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RD, CNS
Free newsletters on a wide range of health topics from Harvard Medical School.


Clinical Practice
Lifestyle Medicine Competencies

Lifestyle Medicine Literature Review
on the American College of Preventive Medicine Website
(link goes to PDF on the ACPM website)
Information about motivational interviewing.
Evidence based information on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for providers, including clinical practice guidelines and research reports. CME also available. Presented by the National Institutes of Health.


"Move to Improve" The CDC offers exercise community program information and advice for individuals.


Heart Health
American Heart Association
"The Last Heart Attack": Sanjay Gupta Interviews President Bill Clinton, Dean Ornish, and Caldwell Esselstyn.


Diet & Nutrition
Nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, in short, easy to understand video segments.
Weight Control Information Network. Many free downloads about weight and fitness for all ages.
Broad spectrum of nutrition, eating disorders and other health/diet information from National Institutes of Health.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Nutrition basics by the Mayo Clinic, with many links to articles
The Northwest Lipid Research Clinic Fat Intake Scale.
The National Cancer Institute site with a self-administered food frequency questionnaire.
Food & Nutrition Information Center, US Dept of Agriculture for food guide pyramid, dietary supplements, and much more.
Center for Nutrition Policy Promotion, US Dept of Ag for dietary guidelines, interactive healthy eating index and more.
Nutrition information and self-assessment materials
Information about vegetarian diets from the Vegetarian Resource Group.
Meatless Monday, a non-profit initiative to encourage Americans to cut meat from their diet one day a week.


Exercise & Fitness
The A-B-E for Fitness program offers a free video library of 3 to 8 minute activity bursts that will allow you, your colleagues and your family to move and exercise everywhere, everyday!
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines
Entertaining and educational video by Dr. Mike Evans, featuring the wisdom of ACLM advisor Steven Blair, PED.
Consumer weight control site.
Affiliated with American Heart Association; exercise diary.

President's Council on Physical Fitness and sports site with links.
By the Exercise is Medicine Task Force, resources for providers, professionals and the public


Online Diet & Exercise Trackers
WebMD offers this free tool
Another tool recommended to us
Utilize a mapping tool to measure your walking distance
A free membership includes a mileage log, and ranks riders (competitive motivation)


Nutrition, Fitness, Smoking & Drug Awareness for Children and Teens
Educates about fruits and vegetables.
Teen Nutrition site to empower children to make healthy food and activity choices.
Kids Say NO to Cigarettes, Many links to smoking, drug and alcohol abuse prevention from Online Nursing Programs


Smoking Cessation
Resources and tools to help stop smoking
Smoking and how to quit
Video Gallery Demonstrating Smoking Intervention in a Primary Care Setting, in a Dental Office, and in a Pharmacy Setting, Demonstrations of how to use Nicotine Replacements,  from British Columbia Ministry of Health
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Nicotine addiction
American Lung Association information pages
American Cancer Society, tobacco and cancer
National Cancer Institute: Where to Get Help When You Decide to Quit Smoking
CDC: Quit Smoking Resources,
CDC: Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking
New York State Dept. of Health, smoking as a cause of blindness
Quiz for teens (girls) about chemicals in cigarettes
Bullet point list on benefits of quitting, chemicals in cigarettes
Bullet point list on benefits of quitting, links to more resources


Second Hand Smoke, Cost of Smoking to Healthcare

Smoke-free Homes & Cars
Follow this EPA program to create a smoke free environment.
Second hand smoke

Secondhand Smoke:
The American Cancer Society provides a lot of facts and information on secondhand smoke.

Secondhand Smoke Facts:
Come here to learn about the important facts about secondhand smoke.

Secondhand Smoke & Cancer:
Find out how secondhand smoke can cause cancer.

The fact sheet highlights the dangers of secondhand smoke in cars.

Basic Information:
The CDC provides a list of links to learn more about secondhand smoke.

Health Consequences:
Find out about the health consequences of secondhand smoke.
The Government of Saskatchewan explains the risks of secondhand smoke for children.

Mental Health Hazard:
The article explores how secondhand smoke can be a mental health hazard.

The Welsh Assembly Government offers a booklet that explains all about secondhand smoke.
Social smoking
Cost of smoking to healthcare system (PDF)
Cost of smoking to healthcare system
Berkeley University: Cost of Smoking, 1998


Alcohol Abuse
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences page on pesticides, with links to pages on other environmental issues.